How to use Classroom Attendance Tracker:

  1. Install the add-on in a google sheet.

  2. Select how you will identify students. Student email will work for your school if students are all in your domain, or you have a list of students email addresses tied to the students. You can use student ID if you are a school in NYCDOE. the ID number has validation set for an OSIS number (a number between 199999999 and 300000000)

  3. List the dates you will need to take attendance for in the Links tab

  4. Copy and paste the student information in the Attendance tab

  5. Click Make Attendance Forms- Follow the steps listed in the tracker, you will have to click on each date tab in your sheet and allow access to the formulas

  6. Select the class you would like to use to distribute the attendance forms and press Announce to Class

How we are using Classroom Attendance Tracker:

At Food and Finance High School, a small high school in Hell's Kitchen, we are using this tool to take daily attendance to mimic our official period during in person schooling.

  • All of our students (381 students) are enrolled in a single Classroom in Google Classroom. Google Classroom in a G-Suite domain can have max 1000 people (students and teachers) in a class if your school is over 1000 people you can make multiple classrooms. You can invite all your students to the class by copying and pasting email addresses in the people Section of your Google Classroom.

  • This tool will make an attendance form to distribute to students each day through the google classroom. The forms are set to collect email addresses and limit to one response per person.

  • Each day an announcement is used to distribute the form to students at 8:00am. Provided you followed the steps in the tracker and the sidebar all responses will convert to Present or Absent for each student in the students tab.

You can schedule these announcements in any class of any size. Hope this helps!

Please watch the video below to see how the tool works!